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Subsonic: установить Premium лицензию


After a month of use, Subsonic charges with a "donation" to keep using the video streaming and app features. This is not a donation but they are charging for license keys. So what I'd suggest to do is supporting the devs with a REAL donation (and please do, Subsonic is an awesome application) and use missing security measures in the licensing process to your advance.

It is fairly easy to do:

1. Open the "etc/hosts" file (root access required!):

nano /etc/hosts

2. Now look for a line that looks something like this:       localhost.localdomain localhost

At the end of the line you add "", so that it looks like this:       localhost.localdomain localhost

3. Now go back to Subsonic and visit the donation page. At the bottom, there is a form. For e-mail and the license code you insert:

 : f3ada405ce890b6f8204094deb12d8a8
: b2d7d2d13aed54c2ed7feb538b382b42

You may need to restart Subsonic after this step for it to take effect. You now have a working copy of Subsonic Premium that will never expire.

Why does this work? Subsonic just uses an MD5 hash of the e-mail address as a key. Authentication happens both remotely and locally, but via the entry in the hosts file, the authentication is only locally.

Have fun streaming videos and music from your seedbox!

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